Pet Name: Fluffi, age: 5 months

Pet Name: Blue, age: 2,5 years

Pet Name: Bella, age: 4 years

Pet Name: Daimon, age: 1 year

Pet Name: Toffee, age: 8 months

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Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6pm
Sat: 8:30am - Noon
Sun: 4 - 6pm (pick-ups only)
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6260 N. Hillside
Wichita, KS 67219
We know you don't want to leave them with just anyone, so bring them to the place they'll be comfortable, clean and cared for by our loving staff.
Chisholm Creek Pet Resort is a premiere, full-service pet resort. Learn more about us.
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  • Chisholm Creek Pet Resort is proud to announce a new service to our menu: Canine Massage!

    Canine massage is a gentle, non-invasive way to enhance your dog’s quality of life. Massage can be beneficial to all types of dogs, whether you have a companion pet, agility dog, show animal, or service dog.
  • Testimonials

    • Bella and Baylie

      I have trusted Chisolm Creek Pet Resort to take care of my dogs, Bella and Baylie, for years.  They are entertained at daycare at least two days per week and are frequent overnight visitors when I am out of town.  The entire team takes care of my girls like they were their own.  The obedience training and grooming are also Continue Reading...
      Dave Coyle,
    • Wrigley Reed

      I get to go to Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for my vacations. I get to run and play with my other friends at the resort when I am there because my mom and dad signed me up for daycamp when I stay there. I live on a lake and when I am at daycamp I get to work on my Continue Reading...
  • Facebook Feed

    Miss Tasha enjoying some early morning fresh air. 😊

    Classes for tonight are postponed to next week. (Everyone enrolled in the class have been contacted, but wanted to make sure our make-up attendees knew as well!)

    Storms may be coming this afternoon, but wanted to assure everyone that we are prepared! We understand that pets can have heightened anxiety due to storms, and we take many steps to help keep them relaxed and content as possible. For example, we typically have classical music playing in our buildings, but prior to a storm, we turn it up just a bit to help minimize the noise of thunder and rain. If any of our guests came with a thunder shirt, anti-anxiety medicines, or other comfort items, we make sure they have whatever they need prior to the inclement weather. We also use a calming aromatherapy scent throughout the enclosure area, and have a few Rescue Remedy natural stress relief aids to use as well. We definitely would take some rain, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that the wind and hail stays away!