Pet Name: Fluffi, age: 5 months

Pet Name: Blue, age: 2,5 years

Pet Name: Bella, age: 4 years

Pet Name: Daimon, age: 1 year

Pet Name: Toffee, age: 8 months

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Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6pm
Sat: 8:30am - Noon
Sun: 4 - 6pm (pick-ups only)
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6260 N. Hillside
Wichita, KS 67219
We know you don't want to leave them with just anyone, so bring them to the place they'll be comfortable, clean and cared for by our loving staff.
Chisholm Creek Pet Resort is a premiere, full-service pet resort. Learn more about us.
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  • Testimonials

    • Frank and Jesse

      Frank and Jesse love playing in the pond. –Ron Waln...
    • Wrigley Reed

      I get to go to Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for my vacations. I get to run and play with my other friends at the resort when I am there because my mom and dad signed me up for daycamp when I stay there. I live on a lake and when I am at daycamp I get to work on my Continue Reading...
  • Facebook Feed

    If this doesn't make you want summer to come quickly, nothing will! We might not have that crystal clear pool and floating lounge chair, but we do have a nice, big pond your dog can enjoy when playing here at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort!!

    Congratulations to Beth Ericson, Chisholm Creek Pet Resort's Obedience Director, and her amazing dog Bender for a winning weekend! Bender finished up his novice career this past weekend at the Sunflower cluster. He won his class all four days (including two runoffs, and came home with two High in Trials (bringing his total to three). Such a good boy! And so darn cute!!

    My goodness, it's quite the party here at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort this week! Spring break is in full gear! Our drop-off daycamp is not available this week due to spring break, however, it will be available starting Monday. Thank you for your understanding!