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Chisholm Creek Pet Resort is a renowned, full-service pet resort, proudly offering services from dog and cat lodging to obedience training and doggy daycare. We take great pride in the level of expertise, quality care, and love we provide to each and every one of our furry guests.

We know you don’t want to leave them with just anyone, which is why we have so many happy customers who trust us to keep their best friends clean, comfortable, and cared for during their time here. Read our testimonials below!

Man with Two Dogs

I have trusted Chisolm Creek Pet Resort to take care of my dogs, Bella and Baylie, for years. They are entertained at daycare at least two days per week and are frequent overnight visitors when I am out of town. The entire team takes care of my girls like they were their own. The obedience training and grooming are also top-notch! Best pet care facility in Wichita without question!! – Dave Coyle

Police Officer with K9 Partner

As a professional working police K9 handler, I personally choose Chisholm Creek Pet Resort to care for my partner when I need to board him. Over the past few years, Chisholm Creek Pet Resort has built a reputation of excellent and reliable service for many of the working police K9’s in the Wichita area. Many of these working dogs have strong personalities and I trust Chisholm Creek and their personnel to exclusively care for my partner. In 2009 while attending police training out of the area my partner was housed with Chisolm Creek Pet Resort for 2 weeks. Early one morning I received a phone call from the kennel that the staff had arrived at work and my police K9 appeared to be very sick. Arrangements were made with my agency to come and get the dog immediately and transport him to the vet. It ended up being a turned stomach (bloat) and required emergency surgery. The staff that day and their quick reactions saved my partner’s life. For my personal pets or my professional working police K9, I trust and choose Chisholm Creek Pet Resort. Police K9 Handler Jess Hancock

(Photo provided by Tim Davis Photography)


I have had great experiences at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort! The staff is always pleasant, helpful and patient. They are very open to fill requests when possible. Anni loves being here with her “Doggie Friends”, and her “Staff Friends.” To have experienced trainers is also a huge benefit! For Anni it’s “A little bit of Heaven.” For me it’s “Peace of Mind.” Thank you!


I get to go to Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for my vacations. I get to run and play with my other friends at the resort when I am there because my mom and dad signed me up for daycamp when I stay there. I live on a lake and when I am at daycamp I get to work on my swimming skills so when I get home and go in our lake, I am ready to go swimming again! Thanks – Love and Licks Wrigley Reed (owners Jim and Robbin Reed)

Beth and Golden

It’s been a few years, 8 as a matter of fact, since we got Buddy, a 2 year old ill mannered bolter (every time a door was opened) golden from the Humane Society. After two weeks of chasing him down highways and biways, we made the decision to take him to “Aunt Beth” at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for 2 weeks of training. I cannot imagine life without this well mannered, so dear and loving pal. He is the PERFECT dog of my life…so sweet, so loving, and so well mannered. The bond we have formed is life long. Anyone who meets Buddy is impressed by his gentlemanly behavior and obedience. When we are out walking and come to a street, I stop, he sits and leans his head close to my leg until I give him the okay to cross with me. He makes drivers smile and I’m sure admire him. Thanks Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for having an Aunt Beth, and for saving Buddy from a return to the Humane Society, and giving me the dog dreams are made of. – Jessica Priston


Because of my participation in Chisholm Creek Pet Resort classes, I can now sit calmly in my buggy and go for bike rides. – Anodyne (owner Donella Edwards)

Client Testimonials

We love the closeness to town, yet country feel of Chisholm Creek Pet Resort! Our dogs love to roam, especially our Ridgeback, so the Daycamp package is awesome! Such a cool environment! We are always greeted with such friendly faces, and all of the staff really display their care for our furry children. Aside from the staff, location, and great outdoor play area, we both really love that our little guys have an indoor/outdoor kennel! They are both house dogs, but absolutely love our big backyard where they can run, wrestle, chase squirrels, and chew on sticks! Chisholm Creek Pet Resort is pretty close to home. Ryan & Melinda Morris


Aspen was a Humane Society adoption. 7 m old German Shorthair Pointer that could easily jump a 6′ privacy fence with ease. She was wild. I have known Beth for some time through dog shows & training with our other dog. With her staff, Aspen has become a much more civilized girl and is getting more trainable. She has not tried to escape. Thanks CCPR! – Sherri Rider


We found Chisholm Creek Pet Resort while searching for obedience classes for our German Shorthair-Lab mix puppy, Bella. She graduated in the summer of 2009 and has been a regular day camper since she was old enough to go. Bella, according to her vet, has sustained a perfect weight and perfect muscle tone in the four years she’s been a “day camper.” We attribute this to all the activities at Chisholm Creek. She waits at the door every morning for her ride to camp and comes home exhausted from running, swimming, and playing with her friends every day. Jenifer and the staff at Chisholm Creek are wonderful….we trust them to provide the best time and best care and for our best friend, Bella!


My dog Daisy had a wonderful experience at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort. She had a private luxury suite and we appreciated the webcam availability. Being away from our precious little angel was very difficult so it was nice to be able to see her while we were thousands of miles away. The staff are very attentive and interactive with the pets here. If we ever need to board her again, Chisholm Creek Pet Resort will definitely be our only choice. – Kim Poindexter


When Hunter was 5 months old, he started attending what we still call “Puppy Camp”. Now if I say it I better mean it, because he runs around the house like crazy after 5 years. He loves everything at Chisholm Creek Pet Resort including spending the night. Well, everything but coming back in from the pond anyway! Melany Barnes

Frank & Jesse

Frank and Jesse love playing in the pond. – Ron Waln


Other than my Dad’s office my favorite away from home is Chisholm Creek Pet Resort. I get to run and play and meet many new friends. The nice people at Chisholm Creek even tuck me in at night and I get a bedtime snack. I know Mom and Dad like the place too. They can rest assured that I am getting the attention I deserve. I will be seeing you soon. – Jeter (owners Barney and Sue Lehnherr)

Dodger & Dexter

We have used Chisholm Creek Pet Resort for the past 5 years. We are owned by 2 very spoiled Dachshunds, Dodger & Dexter and wouldn’t think of boarding them anywhere else. As you can see in their picture, they are seldom far from each other and are the best of friends. What is so nice about Chisholm Creek is that we can put both small dogs in the same room so that they keep each other company when their humans are gone! The staff at Chisholm Creek also take the extra time to play with each dog and give them special loves. Cheryl Martin