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Obedience Schedule

Masks are required for the safety of yourself and others. No retractable leashes, as they do not promote proper social distancing practices. We are only allowing 2 handlers per pet in class. We ask that if you have not been feeling well, or anyone in the household have been sick, please do not attend class. We will be more than happy to email homework or we offer a make-up class the 2nd Saturday of the month at 1pm.

Dog training and obedience classes start on the date listed below and continue each consecutive week. Please see below for our complete 2021 Class Schedule:

training schedule

Puppy – (4 weeks: $105)

  • September 18th Sat. @ 9am Full
  • September 28th Tues. @6pm Full
  • October 6th Wed. @ 7pm
  • October 14th Thurs. @ 6pm Full
  • October 28th Thurs. @ 7pm
  • Nov. 13th Sat. @ 11am
  • Dec. 6th Mon. @ 6pm
  • Dec. 11th Sat. @ 12pm
  • Jan. 4th Tues. @ 6pm
  • Jan. 19th Wed. @ 11am
  • Jan 27th Thurs. @ 7pm
  • Feb. 7th Mon. @ 8pm
  • Feb. 12th Sat. @ 10am
  • Feb. 23rd Wed. @ 7pm
  • Mar. 8th Tues. @ 7pm
  • Mar 17th Thurs. @ 7pm

Basic – (6 weeks: $185)

  • September 9th Thurs. @ 7pm Full
  • September 16th Thursday @ 8pm Full
  • September 18th Sat. @ 11 am Full
  • September 21st Tues. @ 7pm Full
  • September 25th Saturday @ 11 am full
  • September 25th Saturday @ 12pm Full
  • October 9th Sat. @ 10 am Full
  • October 11th Monday @ 5 PM Full
  • October 16th Saturday @ 9 Am Full
  • October 25th Mon. @ 6pm Full
  • Oct. 26th Tues. @ 5pm Full
  • Nov. 3rd Wed. @ 7pm
  • Nov. 11th Thurs. @ 6pm
  • Nov. 29th Mon. @ 7pm
  • Dec. 4th Sat. @ 10am
  • Dec. 15th Wed. @ 7pm
  • Dec. 21st Tues. @ 7pm
  • Jan. 5th Wed. @ 6pm
  • Jan. 13th Thurs. @ 6pm
  • Jan. 17th Mon. @ 7pm
  • Jan. 19th Wed. @ 10am
  • Jan. 29th Sat. @ 12pm
  • Feb. 8th Tues. @ 6pm
  • Feb. 19th Sat. @ 11am
  • Feb. 28th Mon. @ 7pm
  • Mar. 10th Thurs. @ 5pm
  • Mar. 26th Sat. @ 10am

Advanced – (6 weeks: $185)

  • September 22nd Wed. @ 6 pm
  • October 18th Mon @ 7 pm Full
  • November 2nd Tues. @ 6 pm
  • Nov. 17th Wed. @ 6pm
  • Dec. 2nd Thurs. @ 7pm
  • Jan. 8th Sat. @ 11am
  • Jan. 17th Mon. @ 6pm
  • Feb. 16th Wed. @ 6pm
  • Feb. 24th Thurs. @ 6pm

Therapy Dog/CGC Prep Class (4 weeks: $105)

  • Oct. 6th Wed. @ 8pm
  • Feb. 8th Tues. @ 7pm

Jumping and Retrieving (6 weeks: $185)

Competition Workshop Class (6 weeks: $185)

Have questions about our dog training and obedience classes? Contact our team today to speak with a specialist!


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*Bundled classes must be completed with same dog in same 12 month period. Payment for full bundle is due for first class sign up.

Basic Puppy Bundle

Have a new puppy in your life or even a pup that needs to work on basic manners? This is a great option for training!

Basic/Advanced Puppy Bundle

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Advanced Puppy Bundle

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