Chisholm Creek Pet Resort
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Effective Friday, July 3rd – All Guests visiting our facility and entering our lobby will be required to wear a mask. Retractable Leashes will not be permitted, as they do not allow proper social distancing practices – if you do not have one, we will be happy to loan you one. We are asking 1 owner per pet in the lobby at a time; 4 dogs/pets in the lobby maximum. We appreciate your help with our efforts in flattening the curve!

Our drop-off daycamp is designed to provide a fun and safe off-leash experience for dogs of any shape and size. Each playgroup is hand-picked and compromised of five to nine dogs per group. We take into consideration the size, temperament, age, and energy level of each dog attending daycamp to ensure they are placed in a group that they will enjoy!

Our pup park is 10-acres of fun, and includes a swimming pond, agility equipment, shade trees, and plenty of room to play fetch any day of the year. The park is equipped with secure fencing surrounding the perimeter.

We offer half and full-day dog daycare sessions Monday thru Friday, as well as Daycamp punch cards for your convenience. Contact us online or call 316-744-0191 to learn more and to speak with our Reservation Specialist today to customize your pet’s fun-filled stay with us.

Clever Canine Club

Have an extra curious pup? Check out our Clever Canine Club every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! We do require reservations as space is limited.

This unique program includes structured small group and individual activity sessions, designed to combine physical stimulation with fun learning experiences. This program is great for all dogs, and especially high energy dogs or dogs who tend to get bored easily.

Clever Canine Club helps dogs learn to focus while having fun, and helps them learn to relax when it’s time to wind down.

Some of the activities include:

Training games
Scent tracking games
Brain puzzles
Agility courses and more!

Clever Canine Club punch cards are also available!

Males must be neutered. Non-spayed females can’t be in heat.