As a professional working police K9 handler I personally choose Chisholm Creek Pet Resort to care for my partner when I need to board him.

Over the past few years, Chisholm Creek Pet Resort has built a reputation of excellent and reliable service for many of the working police K9’s in the Wichita area. Many of these working dogs have strong personalities and I trust Chisholm Creek and their personnel to exclusively care for my partner.

In 2009 while attending police training out of the area my partner was housed with Chisolm Creek Pet Resort for 2 weeks. Early one morning I received a phone call from the kennel that the staff had arrived at work and my police K9 appeared to be very sick. Arrangements were made with my agency to come and get the dog immediately and transport him to the vet. It ended up being a turned stomach (bloat) and required emergency surgery. The staff that day and their quick reactions saved my partners life.
For my personal pets or my professional working police K9 I trust and choose Chisholm Creek Pet Resort.

(Photo provided by Tim Davis Photography)

Police K9 Handler Jess Hancock

Police K9 Handler