Class Descriptions

Jayne Walking BellaPUPPY CLASS – $105

Puppy Socialization class is for puppies from 10 weeks to 22 weeks of age.  Class is 4 weeks long and emphasizes socialization and problem prevention.  Puppies will start learning basic obedience as well as work on good manners (stop biting, jumping etc.)


Basic class is for dogs 22 weeks and older.  Class is six weeks long.   Dogs will learn to heel with an automatic sit, sit and down on command, leave it, and come when called.  Typical behavior problems will also be addressed (jumping up, barking, digging, chewing, etc.)

The first class is a demonstration and question and answer session. Do not bring your dog for the first class.


Advanced Class if for dogs that have graduated from Basic obedience. Class is six weeks long.  Dogs will learn to work off lead, stay with handler out of sight, sit for exam, and to front and finish.  This is an appropriate class for dogs preparing for therapy dog testing, obedience competition, or just better pet manners.


Rally class teaches a series of new positional exercises (circle right and left, pivots, moving backwards and more!) that sharpen your dog’s obedience skills and your skills as a trainer.  You and your dog learn to negotiate through a course of exercises and are judged according to proficiency and time.

Class is six weeks long.


Handlers are instructed how to teach their dog a TRAINED retrieve (take, hold, and give). Retrieving and jumping exercises from Open and Utility AKC classes are taught

Class is six weeks long.


The In-House obedience program is an intensive 3 week package which involves your dog staying with us at our climate-controlled facility.  During the stay, we offer a “daycamp package” which allows the dog to go out for a daycamp session each week day at a reduced rate.  Many people enjoy utilizing this program when they are leaving town for an extended period.  We teach your dog to heel (walk politely on a leash) with an automatic sit, sit and down on command, stay, and come when called.  They also learn that “No” means to stop what they are doing (very handy for undesirable behaviors such as jumping and mouthing).  Once we have trained the dog, we give you private lessons with them to help you and your pet to work as a team.  Dogs that have completed the In-house program (including the follow-up lessons) are guaranteed to have solid on-lead obedience skills.

Standard Suite – $1,200
Luxury Suite – $1,475

*Half of the in-house program cost is due at check-in.


The Therapy Dog prep class is designed to prepare dogs and handlers specifically for the Love On A Leash certification test. Dogs and handlers will be coached through what to expect during the testing process, as well as a typical therapy visit. Dogs must demonstrate solid work on their basic obedience (polite leash walking, one minute sit stay and two minute down stay) in order to attend. Completion of Advanced class is recommended.