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For your pet’s safety, all dogs must have proof of up-to-date rabies, distemper, parvo, Flu Influenza (H3N2) and bordetella vaccines for all services.  Cats must have proof up-to-date rabies and feline distemper.

At Chisholm Creek Pet Resort, we understand your pet is a part of your family and we will treat him like part of ours.  Our staff will check on your pet several times throughout the day and evening to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.  A CCPR staff member lives on the grounds and routinely checks during the evening.

Luxury Suites

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, let Chisholm Creek Pet Resort pamper your pet in the lap of luxury while you’re away. Your furry friend will enjoy a large, themed private suite, comfy bed, spacious private outdoor patio, quiet atmosphere, individual flat screen tv, and 24-hour webcam service.

One of the most unique amenities we offer during your pet’s stay is the 24-hour live webcam service. Whether you’re out of town, or need to board your pet for any reason, you can have the reassurance of checking on your pet any time you want. Day or night.

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Standard Suites

Our standard suites vary in size and most will fit multiple pets in the same family. All of our suites are climate-controlled and have indoor/outdoor access. When the weather is pleasant, the dogs have the ability to go in and out of their suite as they please. The buildings are kept at a temperature similar to what a normal household’s climate is set. Each suite includes a Kuranda bed for your pet’s comfort and fresh water at all times.

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Cat Lodging

Chisholm Creek Pet Resort offers spacious multiple level cat condos.  Each condo has multi levels for your cat to enjoy. When making your reservation, ask about scheduling your cat for individual playtime sessions, where they can sun on the window’s edge, play on the cat tree, or just enjoy some snuggle time.

Cat Condos