Activities and Packages

We understand that you know your pet best, which is why we offer a variety of options to keep your pet active, healthy and happy during his or her stay.

When you call us, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your pet’s stay by selecting from our menu of fun activities and services.

Activities and Services While Lodging

  • DaycampOur fun daycamp takes place in our beautiful 10-acre pup park where dogs love to run, romp and play.
  • Private Walks
    “>If your dog is prone to escaping, we’ll take your dog for a walk, play fetch or do whatever your dog likes most.
  • TLC TimeYour dog will love the one-on-one cuddle time spent with a staff member.
  • Homemade Gourmet Treat – Our yummy gourmet treats are made with love and care right here in the Chisholm Creek Pet Resort kitchen. Ask us about the flavor we’re serving during your pet’s visit.
  • Bedtime Tuck-in and SnackJust before settling in for the night, we’ll give your dog a belly rub, a cuddle and a bedtime snack before saying goodnight.

Discounted Activity Packages

We believe so strongly in the benefits of a high level of activity for pets, especially when they’re away from home, that we’ve created Discounted Activity Packages that include our most popular activities, a gourmet treat, and much more!

Call and speak with our Reservation Specialist today to customize your pet’s fun-filled stay with us. 316-744-0191.